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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Where are all the Garden Bugs?!

In one of the lessons while working in the Edible Peace Patch we decided to focus on bugs that can be found in the garden! We learned that there are helpful insects and also harmful insects that live in our garden. So for this lesson we decided to go searching for them! We found a wide variety of different insects. These ranged from worms, spiders, rolly pollies, and lizards!
Overall we had a great time dedicating a whole lesson to just bugs! Now we know which bugs are pests and which ones are the best! (for the garden in this case)

Blog post by: Bella Wong

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Productivity is Blossoming!

Within a few weeks of the gardening period, we have seen some rewarding changes in the garden! Many of the crops have turned out well and are growing abundantly. Such as our lovely bell peppers and okra.

Along with these crops, the kale plant seemed to be the crowd pleaser for many of the kids! Besides the cool, intricate, ruffle designs of the leaves, the thing that seemed to get the kids really excited about eating kale is due to the fact that they are very nutritious! We all took a taste test of this unique looking plant. 

With change and productivity sprouting in the garden, the kids and volunteers have felt even more encouraged to work harder to maintain the garden and reap the benefits of a successful garden through great teamwork! There is still many things to do towards creating our ideal garden and with our teamwork, we are surely going to get there!
Children weeding
Volunteers watering

Blog post by: Bella Wong