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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The look on their faces

Unfortunately, the kids were not able to make it out to the garden yesterday at Fairmount Park Elementary School due to the rain. Last week was a great time though, for both me and the children.
I have never worked directly with young ages before this, so I didn't know what to expect when I arrived at the school. I was given a small group that I toured the garden with. We (yes, me too) learned about how plants grew, and where things were in the garden.
Then, we came across the kale bed which was undoubtedly everyone's favorite part of the garden. Interested and anxious, the kids asked me if this weird looking cabbage was okay to eat. I nodded and then continued to split a leaf of kale into enough slices for everyone. To my surprise, the entire group agreed that they liked the strong tasting green. It was such surprise because this was also my first time trying kale, and I didn't like it!
This moment will always stick with me. The excitement and happiness that resulted from something as simple as eating kale, are expressions that I have never seen so pure before. I look forward to teaching other kids about all the different eatable vegetables, and the wonders that come along with them.

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